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I'm Pegge Schneider, owner of BackStreet Studio. I have been studying with Bob Proctor and Pegge McColl for over 20 years -  learning from all their products, resources, and coaching courses. I have been in the healing arts industry for 30+ years, and have been taking care of people as a Cosmetologist for 35+ years.

Through my life I've come to understand this truth - personal growth is a choice! It is simple, but it is not easy. Having a better life, externally and internally, is possible for everyone and it begins with your ability to harness your thoughts and your perspective. Investing in yourself and growing as a person will positivly impact all aspects of your life, personally and professionally. These programs are the tools you need to develop a phenomenal midset and acheive your goals.

May god bless your life journey!

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The pics below are a Young Living Essential Oils Testimony from Pegge Schneider, owner of BackStreet Studio. 4 years ago I discovered I had a birth defect at the base of my wind pipe. My hospital stay was only three days, including time in the ICU. Since I am allergic to all narcotics, the only thing that relieved the deep nerve pain was a combination of Young Living oils and castor oil. God love the nurses for applying the oils 6 times a day,  wrapping the site,  and applying heat. I continued the same treatment while recovering at home. Also, I constantly visualized the site healed, saying to myself: Thank you for my healing. The below images are only a 1 month of healing... Young Living therapeutic oils are magic! 

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