"Tom, You are the color master! I love my cut and color...Every time if perfect! Thank you so much. I always feel better about myself after I leave the store. Thanks again, Nanci F"

"Pegge, Our Matrix Energetic's session was life changing for me. I come in to see you and feel so heavy sometimes.After a session, I feel so uplifted, a load of heaviness has disappeared. Thank you for your magic!!! Blessings to you always, Stephie S"

"Hi Pegge, I was wanting to leave a testimonial regarding my wonderful experience I had with you. I saw Dr. Butterfield today, and she and I discussed the beautiful artistry of your work. She was as pleased as i am. I also want to thank you again for the energetic work you did with me! I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I haven't felt this good in years. You truely are a beautiful person and an angel. God bless you and your family and your team for the changing work you do. Andy and I are so grateful! Lehann"

"Dear Pegge, When we worked together at the Matrix Energetic Seminar, I asked for a clearing to have a busy practice. Well, at the moment, it's a sbusy as I can handle. I am so very grateful for what you did to shift that energy! for your Well BEING, Dr. David Sands"

"Pegge, Matrix Energetic's has helped me with meditating...Something that I have never been able to do prior. I was having occasional pain in the foot that I broke. After a Matrix session, I have not had any pain since, Thank you dearly, Allee T"

"Hi Pegge, Thanks for a great session last night. I was really moved and impressed by Tom's music. Thanks for sharing. That was special. Also, as i begin today, the words pray and play still resonate with me. I'm going to think about them even at work. Not sure where I am headed, but you helped with some clarity that whatever it is, it will be ok!!! love, Gayle G"

"My experience with Matrix Energetic's session this past time felt similar to the first, but with a few differences. This time around definitely felt more intense. I feel as if my core went through a detox, and I emerged feeling very clean and re-sensitized to my surroundings. The most amazing part is that I feel the difference in my thought process. I have been reacting differently to things that I would normally would have been bothered by. When this is happening, I become aware of the change and consciously focus on my new and more positive pattern. I feel very alive and balanced; things seem very clear. Thanks again! Hope you are doing well, and I look forward to seeing you soon- hugs, Stephie S"

"Hey you! Wanted to let you know I've been getting so many compliments on my hair :) Luv U, Melissa xoxoxo"

"Hello Pegge, Hope you can see this picture of a happy customer! My hair looks awesome!!!.......You do such a fantastic job! Thanks and have a wonderful Tuesday! Enjoy the sunshine!! Julie B"

Dear Melissa, You can create some amazing styles! The one that you gave me is so perfect for the wedding that I was in. I felt like a princess. Thank you for your creative hands! Holly G"





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